Other Projects

1. Work with SALVE International, Jinja, Uganda

SALVE International (SALVE) is a UK registered charity that helps street children in Jinja, Uganda. They rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate the street children and have been running for 15 years.

Devastating UK aid cuts meant SALVE International’s (SALVE’s) Girls’ Drop-In Centre was in danger of closing in May 2021. This happened at a time when numbers of street children had increased significantly due to Covid, and they were really struggling to obtain even basic necessities, resulting in children as young as 8 years old having to resort to sex for food.

We have donated £36,100 to them directly since 2021 and they have raised further funds through our contacts, which we are very pleased about. Here is a heartwarming thank you video from ​⁠them celebrating the impact our donation has had in the last year https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cDYVKZUVnU

Impact of the £36,100 donation:

1. Expanding their Street Outreach programme into the suburbs of Jinja city to reach children that are not currently being helped – £10,000

This donation was made in 2023 and we will get the report on the impact made in 2024

2. Business training, start-up and follow-up costs for 27 families of street- connected girls – £9,283

3. Sponsoring school for 30 girls – £6,300

4. Contribution towards a bigger Girls’ Drop-In Centre – £3,637

5. Sponsoring 7 students in vocational training – £3,000

6. Supporting 2 months of feeding at their two rescue centres, drug rehabilitation centre and two half-way homes – £2,100

7. Resettle 7 rescued street-children home, including at least 3 follow-up visits for further counselling – £1,000

8. Business peer training for 150 families to prevent girls from coming to the streets – £780

2. Work with RajSaubhag Humanitarian in Sayla, Gujarat, India

Shree Raj Saubhag Satsang Mandal UK is a UK charity that raises funds for humanitarian work being done in Gujarat, India amongst other activities. Two of our trustees visited their charitable activities in India in December 2018 and December 2019 and were impressed.

We donated £23,000 to support them in 2021/2022, including £3,000 donated during a Zoom fundraiser that our trustee, Pallvee Shah, helped organise in November 2021 to raise funds for a hospital the charity runs in Sayla, a small town in Gujarat.

Impact of the £23,000 donation:

1. Community Health Centre (CHC) Hospital – £16,000

The CHC provides vital access to healthcare for 120,000 people in 75 rural and poor villages in the surrounding area, saving people from travelling far to access important health services.

The funds paid for:

– 2,485 laboratory tests

– 2,285 outpatient visits

– 328 inpatient stays

– 21 baby deliveries

– 4 Caeserian Sections

2. Differently-abled children – £4,400

This helped educate, rehabilitate and empower 18 differently-abled children at the Ashirvad Trust for the Disabled in Sayla, Gujarat.


3. Tertiary education for young ladies – £2,400

This was used to support the education of 40 young women at the Ladakchand Manekchand Vora College of Arts and Commerce in Sayla.


It is difficult for girls to access education in rural India. It is very likely that these young women would not have been able to study this far without the provision of this facility in a small town like Sayla.

3. Covid Support

During the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021, we helped fund a number of organisations and relief efforts on the ground in Kenya, India and other vulnerable areas to provide emergency food parcels to those in dire need, including migrant workers,  families living on the streets and refugees. We also helped fund the provision of oxygen concentrators in India and Kenya, and contributed towards an oxygen plant in Nepal.

How We Helped

1. Kenya – £26,000

1) £16,000 donated for 550 46kg food parcels distributed to Kaani and Katwanya villages, Machakos, in June 2021. This is a very dry and poor region in Kenya where relief is not commonly given out, and where Covid had exacerbated an already tough situation due to lack of rain. Lions sourced and distributed the parcels and we are very grateful to them for their brilliant logistics and organisation, led by Dr Manoj Shah and Dr Manilal Dodhia.

Each parcel again had 46kg of food and hygiene items comprising 1 bale (24kgs) unga (maize) flour, 10kgs rice, 5kg red beans, 2kg green grams, 1 litre oil, 1kg sugar, 1kg salt, 1.6kg soap, 200g tea-leaves, 8 masks, 0.5 litres hand sanitizer and I packet of sanitary pads. Each parcel was designed to support a family of four for at least 1 month.

Here is a video showing the food being gathered and packed in a warehouse prior to the distributions: https://fb.watch/g-dDlMYIHN/.

2) £2,000 donated towards 67 similar parcels to families in Kangemi and Mathare slums, Nairobi in May and June 2021.

3) Almost £8,000 towards food distributions to 350+ organisations supporting street children, vulnerable families, orphanages, disabled people, slum areas via Visa Oshwal Community, Nairobi and TeamPankaj in 2020.

How We Helped

2. India – £7,500

1) £5,500 donated to provide Covid food relief to migrant labourers and vulnerable families in Pune and Ahmedabad

2) £2,000 towards purchase of 6 oxygen concentrators via MZ KZ Foundation (Hope4Smile) for use in India and Kenya

3. Nepal – £2,500

We donated towards an oxygen plant built at the Chhatrapati Free Clinic (Hospital) inNepal, that provides free services to the poor.

4. Syria, Yemen and South Sudan – £2,500

Refugees and vulnerable families via donations to the International Rescue Committee

4. Books to Schools – 90,000 books sent to Kenya

2022- We funded the subsidised cost of approximately 40,000 educational English medium books sent to Kenya by by a UK registered charity called Shishukunj. The books will be distributed to vulnerable schoolchildren in Kenyan Government schools after they are reopened following the pandemic. This will help improve the education and literacy of the children and make a significant impact on the resources available to them. This formed part of a 40ft container sent to Kenya by Shishukunj- the rest of the books were funded by other parties.

 2020 – We funded the subsidised cost of approximately 50,000 educational books fitting a 40ft container to be sent to Kenya by Shishukunj.